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Touch a Piece of History at the Colorado Railroad Museum

About 7 month(s) ago by MediaConnect
Touch a Piece of History at the Colorado Railroad Museum

Ever find yourself yearning for an earlier time? Perhaps one that you've never even lived in yourself? We get it - everyone feels that way sometimes. A lot of people who stay with us here at the Holiday Inn of Cherry Creek come to Denver, at least in part, to take in the memory of the Old West. There's just something magical about this time period in American history. A frontier still unexplored, a country unsure of where it was going. Perhaps one of the greatest physical embodiment of that memory is the railroad. The single most important invention and institution that made modern day Western America become what it has. And everyone who comes through these doors agrees - no place tells the story better than the Colorado Railroad Museum.


You'll find the museum over in Golden, just 20 miles to the west of Denver. Since 1959, the museum's mission has been to educate the public on the vast and fascinating history of the Colorado railway system, with a special attention to the inventive, narrow mountainous passageways that the state pioneered. Among their normal exhibits, you'll also find a wealth of special events hosted throughout the year. From example, from now until April 8th, you can see a special on Buffalo Bill's intimate and important relationship with the railways.


For the quintessential family trip, there is none other than the Colorado Railroad Museum. This is a fun way to educate and inform both children and adults of all ages. It's a must-see for any history enthusiast staying with us here at the Holiday Inn. All aboard!

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