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Take a Journey Through the Universe Without Leaving Denver

About 10 month(s) ago by MediaConnect
Take a Journey Through the Universe Without Leaving Denver

Looking up at that beautiful starry night sky in Denver can get you thinking a whole lot about the universe. If you want to explore the bounds of our knowledge and go where no one has been before, you still don't need to leave Denver! Just head down to the planetarium in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, just minutes from us here at the Holiday Inn Cherry Creek!


The planetarium is always hosting an array of exciting and mesmerizing shows. Right now, you can take a trip right into the belly of the beast of one the greatest and most frightening phenomena known to man: black holes. Black holes are gigantic vacuums in space, sucking up everything in their path - even light. Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity explores this perplexing and fascinating wonder. You'll want to hold onto your seat as you zip through a black hole and see what scientists believe it would look like on the inside. This fun and educational experience includes world-renowned science and theories on not only the existence of black holes, but of life itself.


If black holes are a little too dire to you, why not explore our neighboring planets? Cosmic Journey: A Solar System Adventure takes you on an unforgettable journey through our solar system to the surfaces of neighboring planets and their unforgiving environments - from massive volcanoes to hyper storms that last centuries, you've got a front row seat to all the wonders of our universe.


A day of adventuring through the galaxy can be fun, but also tiring. Once you land back on earth, head back to the Holiday Inn and relax with us. We promise there are no black holes here!

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