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Denver, Cherry Creek, CO
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A Day of Art and History at the Denver Art Museum

About 11 month(s) ago by MediaConnect
A Day of Art and History at the Denver Art Museum

While staying in Denver, get a taste of culture you won't get anywhere else at the Denver Art Museum. This world-renowned institution is one of the best places to see both historic masterpieces as well as the best in contemporary art in the world. They've got some great exhibits going on this month, and being that they're so close to the Cherry Creek Holiday Inn, it's a great way to spend a couple hours with the family during your stay here.


One of their newest exhibits that just opened on October 2nd is "The Glory of Venice" - an exploration into the exceptional art that was happening Venice from the mid-1400s to early 1500s during the Renaissance period. One of the things that made Venetian art so unique during this period was the way its' artists started to break out of traditional bounds and would begin to experiment more with oil, colors, and light. This exhibition closes on Februay 12th and is definitely not one to miss for lovers of art and art history.


Another fascinating exhibit happening right now is "On Desert Time" which features early photographs of the American Southwest taken by Timothy H. O'Sullivan and William H. Bell between 1871 and 1874. It offers an intimate and rare look at exploration of the Southwest, including parts of Colorado, in the immediate aftermath of the Mexican-American war. This exhibit is on view through January 28th.


For a complete list of exhibits and events happening at the Denver Art Museum, head over to their website. They've definitely got something for every interest there, so be sure to include them on your list during your stay here.

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